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Sky Replacement Made Easy

4 LESSONS | 1H 15M

For: Photoshop, Luminar Neo & AI & 4, ON1

Discover how to achieve perfect Sky Replacements using Photoshop & Luminar that are so convincing that no one will know you did it.

Included are an impressive Bonus collection of 400 high resolution skies to get you started.

This is the most complete course you can find for sky replacement with the largest collection of included BONUS skies

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Lightroom Classic: In-Focus

Learn to Start Processing Photos Like a Pro

A 2hr max course showing my system for processing landscape photos like a pro. No fluff, direct and to the point, not a “tell me everything” course but laser focused for results on typical photos.

A focused course showing the most important techniques to post processing in Lightroom so one can go from pure beginner to processing photos like a pro.

Mastering the Digital Darkroom

An Online Monthly Membership & Community Designed to Help You Become Better at Post Processing

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